"Fighting Coronavirus with UVC Lighting"

With nearly the whole world on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s come to light that we need stronger measures in place to keep both public and private property clean and bacteria-free.

In normal times the thorough cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces is already an essential part of professional cleaning. And when moving into a new home, householders naturally want to be assured that their new home is thoroughly hygienic and safe. But these are certaIn normal times the thorough cleaning inanely not normal times, with the invisible enemy COVID-19, nearly the whole world in lockdown for many weeks and pandemic infection in the daily news.

We have learned that Corona Virus can reputedly survive on many surface types for up to 72 hours from original contamination. Chemical disinfection of household surfaces can certainly play a big part in reducing transmission of COVID-19 but stronger measures may be needed if we are looking for life to return to (the new) normal, without the clear and present danger of repeat breakouts. As COVID-19 has spread, so has our fear of surfaces, but our new UVC technology is a real game-changer in the fight against contamination of household surfaces, capable of providing enhanced sterilisation and virus protection in both your home and office environment. Its time to bolster the normal professional methods used for household cleaning with the science that has been developed for disinfection control on the front lines (our hospitals). Until further notice, we will now use professional grade high-intensity UVC lighting equipment, such as used for disinfection of surgical equipment and personal protection equipment (“PPE”), for all start or end of tenancy and other cleaning services to be provided by Housekeep London. We will of course still carry out thorough cleaning of surfaces throughout with conventional cleaning products as before but will now supplement this in all cases with a full sweep of all work surfaces using professional-grade high-intensity LED UVC light wands. These methods have been shown to be highly effective at wiping out any residual traces of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi, in a matter of minutes, so that you can rest assured your home has been fully disinfected and rendered safe as possible from COVID-19 contamination or other harmful micro-organisms (which have no resistance to high-intensity UV radiation). UVC lighting – in the front line of the fight against COVID-19, and coming soon to a home near you!

What gives UVC LIGHT it's sanitisation properties

Eliminate 99.9% of surface and airborne germs with Deep UV Disinfecting! Rapid disinfecting | Safe and effective.

UVC between this wavelength when used at high levels, will render Viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi in a matter of seconds. LED UVC is also less impactive on the environment due to the need for chemical usage when cleaning. Furthermore, our LED UVC will not produce Ozone commonly found being emitted from most Mercury type products which also use damaging heavy metals and rear gasses to achieve their aim. Unlike other methods used to disinfect these microorganisms, they cannot build up a resistance to UV radiation, once exposed to the high levels they are destroyed.

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