After builders Cleaning


We know how frustrating it can be to wait for builders to complete their work on your new office or workspace. That’s why we don’t just offer a professional cleaning service after they have completed the job, but during it as well. So long as it’s safe for our staff to begin cleaning, they will.

We also know that damage left by builders can be more than just cosmetic, which is why, as well as removing paint, cement, dust and dirt from all surfaces, we also employ our specialist team to restore wood, glass, metal and ceramic finishes to their proper state.

Whether you’re a homeowner, construction company, property developer or business currently under construction, we offer high quality after construction cleaning services.

After Builders Cleaning can be done by a team of two or more cleaners, to effectively clean your house to the highest standard. Our cleaners will clean after your builders and will leave your home nice and tidy, just the way you would like it. In a few hours, your property will be spotless.

  • Clean and wipe skirting boards

  • Dust picture frames

  • Clean the doors and the door frames, clean and polish the handle of the doors

  • Dust lamp shapes

  • Clean and wipe light switches, remove fingerprints and dirt

  • Dust and wipe window blinds

  • Clean and polished picture

  • Clean rails and bannisters

  • Clean around fireplace and radiator

  • Polish mirrors and glasses

  • We will clean the windows inside only (if you require window cleaning outside, an extra charge will apply)

  • Clean the window frames and window sills

  • Clean all dust Venetian blinds.