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UVC Disinfection Treatment

(Eliminate 99.9% of surface contaminants) 


For businesses looking to safely reopen, new tenancy starts or if you need extra disinfection in your home, then get a free quote for UVC DisinfectionTreatment today. This powerful technology has been used by hospitals for decades. Our team will safely eliminate 99.9%+ of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Deep UVC Disinfection is non-toxic, chemical-free, and totally effective.




LED UVC (along with UVA and UVB) is one of three types of UV light that has a short energetic wavelength of between 100-400 nanometre (nm). Over a hundred years ago, scientists discovered that UVC can be used to kill microorganisms by destroying their genetic material, and has since been used regularly in hospitals, offices, airlines and in the sanitisation of drinking water.

One off Deep Cleaning
The one off cleaners will go through the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairs, hallways and other common areas. You will be amazed by the difference they can make in a single visit.
End of Tenancy
Reliable and professional end of tenancy cleaning.
Spring Cleaning
Our spring cleaning is stands for thorough domestic cleaning of your entire home – room by room and top to bottom. A thorough cleanup includes areas you do not clean on a regular basis, such as cleaning beneath carpets and furnishings, on top of bookshelves and etc.
After party Cleaning
We provides after party cleaning services in London at really affordable cleaning rates.
Commercial Cleaning
We provide affordable commercial cleaning services in South West London
Office Cleaning
Housekeep London provide cleaners to suit your business needs, from contract cleaning involving many cleaners on a daily basis to cleaning that requires just one cleaner for a couple of hours a week.
After Builders Cleaning
Just Renovated your house or had Renovation work done? We offer quality deep cleaning services in South West London area.
Painting Decoration
Get a Reliable & Trustworthy, Interior Painters & Decorators Today
Pressure Washer Services
Get pressure washing services today at very friendly price.
Mattress Cleaning
Our mattress cleaning technicians are highly skilled, friendly and professional and our services are fully insured and guaranteed.
Upholstery Cleaning
sofa being clean
Carpet Cleaning
HouseKeep London offers professional and affordable eco-friendly carpet cleaning services, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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